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Channelizing kaaf energy in Owaisabad

"Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence"
-Napoleon Bonaparte

An ideal idiom to describe the state of affairs in the nation which houses the highest kaaf population in the world. What many attribute to malice is indeed the kaaf's inexhaustible ability to fuck things up!

This ability to make avoidable mistakes and repeating them comes from the fact that the Kaaf community doesn't have a strong guiding principle or directional compass. The community often makes decisions based on absurd beliefs and incomplete knowledge. Being unable to distinguish between good and bad, they usually choose to follow immoral and wrongly motivated people, which in turn cause disruption in society

This would be the case of Owaisabad as well if the Kaaf are not directed and their energies channelized. History bears witness that under a firm hand and when choices for them are made by other more capable people, the Kaaf can be ideal citizens. When made to feel that they are victims, when they believe they are being forced to obey, that they are up against the proverbial wall, the kaaf transform into excellent servants and perfectly law abiding citizens. The Kaaf would much rather "adapt" to the situation, "accept" the reality rather than stand up for their beliefs.

It is essential for any good leader to have a thorough understanding of his subjects ,The Majlis of Owaisabad is no different, with an ear firmly to to the ground, this intelligent group of devout people, are well aware of the kaaf communities, strengths and most importantly their weaknesses. In order to keep Owaisabad peaceful and functional, The Majlis realize they need to ensure two things:

  1. The kaaf feeling of insecurity and victimhood must regularly be reinforced

  2. The kaaf mind must not be given too much leisure time else it will resort to mischief

To kill these two birds with one stone it is made mandatory for every kaaf woman to participate in mandatory civil services, over and above her everyday life duties

There are many countries in the world that order their citizens to take part in jury duty or fire and emergency services, or even military duty.

These services are meant to ensure that citizens don't become self serving and that part of their time is spent on serving society at large These are mandatory services that no citizen can refuse to do.

In Owaisabad such services are termed MEEM SEVA and these activities are overseen by THE MSS Meem Sevak Sangh (resemblance to any well known anti-social organization is partly coincidental).


MSS, an acronym for Meem Seva Sangh, is the guiding force that oversees the Meem Seva activities. It's a vibrant organization committed to ensuring that the wicked and disturbing energies of the Kaaf are channelized into activities that will keep them occupied, while making life more pleasurable for the Meems. So be it a college student, or a housewife, whether she be beautiful or plain-looking, from a well to do family or working class EVERY kaaf woman isa ordered to perform MEEM SEVA. The MEEM community of Owaisabad is well aware that KAAF WOMEN are only fit for ONE ACTIVITY irrespective of education, appearance, social background or upbringing and that activity is:

So MEEM SEVA is in reality a superb platform for KAAF WOMEN to wholeheartedly express their talents.

To function within the moral and social construct of the city, MEEM SEVA has to have a dignified and socially accepted outer cover, there should be no mistake that KAAF WOMEN will reduce seva to what they know best, which is:

And so, with sure knowledge that a Kaaf woman's biggest asset is heir body, MSS designs different activities to enable Kaaf women to meet and serve as many Meem men as possible. The different avenues available for Kaaf Women to perform Seva are listed below:

**A Bouquet of Meem Seva Services**

Raftaar Randis:

Madhuri Sena:


Vidhyarthi Slut Parishad

In conclusion, the Meem Seva Sangh (MSS) stands as a visionary institution in Owaisabad, ingeniously channelizing the vibrant energies of the kaaf community into avenues that not only serve the Meem populace but also empower the kaaf women themselves. It transforms traditional roles, offering a spectrum of services that cater to both practical and cultural needs. From the sophisticated grace of the Madhuri Sena to the friendly companionship provided by BajRAAND Dal and the swift service of Raftaar Randis the MSS ensures that every kaaf woman finds a space where she can be used by Meem men. The MSS, thus, emerges not just as an administrative body but as a MASTERSTROKE that perpetuates the victimhood among Kaaf and thereby allowing the community to blossom!

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Apr 21

I will love to join your community


chinmay sharma
chinmay sharma
Feb 19

that would be a real noble work done by Kaaf women


Owais Sayeed
Owais Sayeed
Dec 02, 2023

The enthusiasm displayed is admirable. I strongly agree with this point of view. 50 hours is ambitious and it would be interesting to see the attempt! 😊

Jan 06
Replying to

we Kaaf girls in VSP will be able to do more , we can make MEME men relax while they study and reduce their tensions in exam.


Nov 30, 2023

We cunts should spend atleast 50 hours a week under MSS, all we girls who have started chums should compulsory take up ans serve in MSS, failure to do so will result in harsh punishment

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