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Buzurg Jashn Parishad! Senior Citizen Care at Owaisabad

Buzurg Jashn Parishad (BJP): Joyful Companionship

In the heart of Owaisabad, where the Meems rule and the Kaaf are kept in their place we present the Buzurg Jashn Parishad (BJP)—a celebration of wisdom, joy, and companionship tailored for our esteemed senior citizens.

What is BJP?

BJP is more than a service; it's a vibrant community designed to bring joy, laughter, and meaningful connections into the lives of our cherished senior members. Ideal for young kaaf women, under the age of 25, the BJP offers a collection of services tailored to meet the needs of individuals aged 55 and above.

Evening Strolls with Joyful Companions:

Imagine an evening filled with joy, where a young, cheerful kaaf girl arrives at your doorstep at the time you choose. Together, you embark on a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood or the serene parks of Owaisabad.

This gives the Buzurg a chance to get outdoors stretch his "limbs" get the old circulation going, and enjoy the "sights" of the city.

Its like taking the dog out for a walk, but instead of a messy hairy dog, you take a sweet smelling, well trained bitch for a walk.

The kaaf kutiya will also wear a collar and you can fix a leash if it so pleases you

Cardio Sessions for Physical Well-being:

Our activities go beyond the ordinary. Along with the evening walk, the kaaf kutiyas engage in light cardio exercises tailored for seniors.

Physical well-being is at the core of BJP, ensuring our elders stay active and healthy.

Relaxation and Pampering:

After the invigorating walk and exercise, return home to a haven of relaxation. The kaaf sluts offer soothing massages and relaxation activities.

It's about creating an atmosphere of tranquility where our seniors can give the kaaf women a chance to truly express themselves.

Tapping into the essence of Hindu culture is the core purpose of the MSS

Holistic Well-being Services:

BJP is not just about companionship; it's a comprehensive package. Need a delicious meal prepared? Want assistance with errands? The cheap kaaf whores of the BJP are here to make life easier, ensuring that every aspect of your evening is filled with joy and comfort.

Bonding Sessions and Support Network:

Participate in interactive sessions where our seniors share their life experiences and wisdom. It's not just a service; it's a community where friendships blossom. And in times of need, our support network ensures that no member faces challenges alone.


Call to Duty, Kaaf Women!

Attention, Kaaf women of Owaisabad! Our cherished Buzurg Jashn Parishad (BJP) is in need of dedicated members to fulfill the crucial role of providing companionship and support to our Meem senior citizens.

Though it should be obvious, the BJP reminds the world of the true reason that kaaf women exist on Earth:

The BJP is not just a service; it's a commitment to sanskar and tanatan dharm.

Joining the BJP of Owaisabad is not an option but a duty for every able bodied kaaf woman!

Don't delay; our seniors are waiting to walk their Kutiyas

Join the BJP! 🪷🪷

Fulfill your duty! 💦

Live upto to the glorious standards of Tanatan Dharm!🔥🔥🔥

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Jan 21

Punishments if we girls do not perform well

Owais Sayeed
Owais Sayeed
Jan 23
Replying to

Come now, being roughly f ucked is not a punishment for kaaf woman, it's a dream come true.

So this should be a normal occurrence in Owaisabad and not a punishment


Owais Sayeed
Owais Sayeed
Jan 06

Very interesting ornament. And yes BJP is very much part of MSS

So joining the BJP will enable that you fulfill the Meem seva which is mandatory for all kaaf wome6

Jan 08
Replying to


Jan 06

Will BJP also come under MSS.

We Kaaf apart from wearing collars will also have this on our forehead whenever we are assigned the work in BJP

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